DooDooMooky Bamboo Nursing Cover Apron Type Adjustable size White Mooky Flower Banana

Doo Doo Mooky

  • $39.00

Details:Doo Doo Mooky TM 

Bamboo Nursing Cover 

The cute and comfortable way to breastfeed babies at anytime, anyway!!! 

Why Bamboo Material : 

- More comfortable, softer 
- Feels cool during the warm day 
- Anti-bacterial 
- Bamboo is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for 

Size : 

Adjustable Size 
66cm (W) x 83cm (L) 

Washing Instructions :- 

- Machine wash cold 
- Tumble dry low - Do not bleach 
- Do not dry clean 
- Do not iron 

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