Manduca Fumbee Organic Cotton Drool Pads


  • $26.90

Suitable for most Structured Baby Carriers/Car Seats/Strollers/Baby Chair

The Organic Cotton Fumbee is a versatile strap protector for baby carrying and traveling devices. Made of 100% organic cotton, tested for pollutants, the Fumbees have a lovely fluffy feel, looks fabulous and are also safe for babies to chew on.

Fumbees make ideal sucking pads, drool pads or just as a comforting cuddle cloth for your babies. Fumbees can be used not just for baby carriers but also for any strap/belt/harness systems, be it car seat, baby strollers or baby chairs.

The Fumbee strap protectors are also designed to be reversible. When one side of the Fumbee is dirty, you can just easily turn it over and you have a clean pad again.

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